Transaction Extension Templates

Working with the Transaction Extensions in XtendM3

Table of contents

  1. Description
    1. Example Transaction extension template
  2. Important notes
  3. See also


Documentation cointains templates for various Transaction extensions.
Templates can be as modified as needed.

Example Transaction extension template

This is a Transaction extension template with a structure that can be used for creating a new extension using container contruction and setting parameters.

public class TransactionTemplate extends ExtendM3Transaction {
  private final MIAPI mi;
  private final DatabaseAPI database;
  private final MICallerAPI miCaller;

  public TransactionTemplate(MIAPI mi, DatabaseAPI database, MICallerAPI miCaller) {
    this.mi = mi;
    this.database = database;
    this.miCaller = miCaller;

  public void main() {

    Closure<?> callback = { Map <String, String> out ->
      if (out.error != null) {

      /* Setting up out data in transaction using MI API
      Remove .trim on input fields as this causes errors if fields are null
      mi.outData.put("OUT1", out.get("OUT1").trim());
      mi.outData.put("OUT2", out.get("OUT2").trim());
      mi.outData.put("OUT3", out.get("OUT3").trim());
      mi.outData.put("OUT4", out.get("OUT4").trim());
      mi.outData.put("OUT5", out.get("OUT5").trim());

      //Setting container parameters
      String out6 = "";
      String out7 = "";
      if (out.get("OUT3").toInteger() == 3) {
        DBAction query = database.table("CONT01")
        DBContainer CONT01 = query.getContainer();
        CONT01.set("OQOUT1", out.get("OUT1").trim().toInteger());
        CONT01.set("OQOUT2", 1);
        CONT01.set("OQOUT3", out.get("OUT3").trim().toInteger());
      mi.outData.put("OUT6", out6);
      mi.outData.put("OUT7", out7);

    // Transaction In Data parametrers
    Map<String, String> params = [ "OUT2": mi.inData.get("OUT2"),
                   "IND1": mi.inData.get("PAR1"),
                   "IND2": mi.inData.get("PAR2"),
                   "IND3": mi.inData.get("PAR3"),
                   "IND4": mi.inData.get("PAR4"),
                   "IND5": mi.inData.get("PAR5"),
    ];"MWS420MI", "TransactionTemplate", params, callback);

Important notes

  • It is a good practice to use a test compilation of the program just to check if everything is working properly.
  • Data presented in the examples is random.
  • Remember to check the name of created extension while using ready templates/examples.

See also