Batch Scheduling

Scheduling XtendM3 Batch Extensions

Table of contents

  1. SHS010/SHS010MI
    1. Available parameters
      1. Same day once
      2. Next weekday once
      3. Schedule executions


SHS010, or SHS010MI for the non-interactive version, is the scheduler for XtendM3 Batch Extensions. It works in a similar fashion to SHS050, which is used to schedule M3 Batch Jobs, and in the background also schedules executions through this.

Available parameters

This section lists the available SHS010MI parameters.

Same day once

  • XNOW: execute now
  • XTOD: execute today, needs to be paired with XJTM

Next weekday once

To consider, each of these parameters needs to be paired with a time(XJTM).

  • XNMO: execute next Monday
  • XNTU: execute next Tuesday
  • XNWE: execute next Wednesday
  • XNTH: execute next Thursday
  • XNFR: execute next Friday
  • XNSA: execute next Saturday
  • XNSU: execute next Sunday

Schedule executions

To consider, each of these parameters needs to be paired with a time(XJTM).

  • XEMO: execute every Monday
  • XETU: execute every Tuesday
  • XEWE: execute every Wednesday
  • XETH: execute every Thursday
  • XEFR: execute every Friday
  • XESA: execute every Saturday
  • XESU: execute every Sunday
  • XEMT: execute every Month. Note, needs to be paired with day(XRDY) parameter

Note, mon-sun is allowed to be multi-submission. All others must be single-submission.

  • XJTM: time, format is xxxx. Ex. 1340. Timezone will be the users’ local timezone, gathered from MNS151, MNS150 and MNS100
  • XRDY: day, format is xx. Ex. 25